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  • STARBASE Louisiana holds first-ever Family STEM Night

    The halls of the STARBASE Louisiana echoed with joyful shouts of "Whoa!" and "Cool!" as Barksdale parents and children took part in the inaugural Family Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Night here last Tuesday.The event allowed Barksdale families to learn STEM principles together using

  • Touching the Future: STARBASE Louisiana earns DoD recognition

    It’s a typical Hollywood movie scene. Closed school doors sit quietly when suddenly a bell rings. An instant later, those doors crash open to release a tidal wave of students all racing to get away from the classroom as fast as they can.That scene could never happen at STARBASE Louisiana, the

  • CenterPoint Energy donates to STARBASE 2.0 program

    CenterPoint Energy presented DoD STARBASE Louisiana with a $14,000 grant March 2 at Elm Grove Middle School, Bossier City, Louisiana.Five CenterPoint Energy company leaders met with STARBASE officials and several Bossier Parish school and community leaders to present the grant. The group also

  • STARBASE, La. National Guard Youth Challenge Program a perfect match

    The COVID-19 pandemic had a silver lining for two Dept. of Defense education initiatives, STARBASE Louisiana and the Louisiana National Guard Youth Challenge Program. Logistical and health concerns for STARBASE Louisiana's target student audience opened the door the YCP to give the STEM program a

  • Long Ranger Roundup: September in Photos

    September found the 307th Bomb Wing operating everywhere from Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana to the Arctic Circle. From teaching STARBASE students rocketry to launching B-1 Lancers on global Bomber Task Force missions, our Long Rangers seemed to be everywhere at once.

  • STARBASE Rocketry Class

    A student successfully launches a rocket on Sept. 3, 2020, Bossier City, Louisiana. A group of Barksdale Air Force Base homeschoolers spent the day building and launching rockets during a class hosted by STARBASE.

  • STARBASE Louisiana celebrates their past of educating the future

    In 1999, a new Department of Defense education initiative named STARBASE took root at Barksdale, with the goal of improving STEM education for local 5th graders.Two decades later, the once-small program’s growth and achievements were honored during the STARBASE Louisiana 20th anniversary celebration