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  • Robot dogs bring the bark to Barksdale

    “These robot dogs not only have the potential to save Airmen's lives, but they also serve as a reminder of how valuable your voice is, regardless of rank.”

  • Long Ranger Roundup: January in Photos

    The 307th Bomb Wing continued its mission at home and around the world, flying CONUS to CONUS Bomber Task Force Missions out of Dyess Air Force Base, Texas. While the aircrew were flying, the maintenance teams at the 489th Bomb Group were on the ground, dominating the Lt. Gen. Leo Marquez Awards. As

  • LR WERX bright idea earns golden ticket

    Just like the kids from “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”, LR WERX scored a golden ticket for their pitch at the 2021 Strike Tank Innovation Rodeo here, but unlike Veruca Salt, their bright idea was deemed a “good egg.”

  • Commentary: Long Rangers, go for the WIN

    Long Rangers,We sometimes use the terms “complicated” and “complex” interchangeably to describe a difficult situation. In reality, something complicated follows a set of axioms and can be managed and solved in a predictable manner.  For example,in math terms, there is ONE correct answer and an

  • Air Force recognizes Energy Action Month 2019

    During Energy Action Month, the Air Force will emphasize the need for smart energy solutions and inform Airmen, Air Force senior leaders, policy makers and aligned organizations about what they can do to effectively distribute, generate and manage resilient and reliable energy across the enterprise.