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  • 489th MXS make perfection the norm

    Do you know what it means to be 100% mission capable? If not, you sure could learn a thing or two from the 489th Maintenance Squadron, the B-1B Lancer’s first and only Air Force Reserve unit. The recently reactivated unit has maintained 100 percent of their sorties due to no maintenance issues for 13 straight months. The 489th Bomb Group, which
  • 489th Bomb Group: Where are they now?

    After being inactive for 70 years, the 489th Bomb Group was re-activated Oct. 17, 2015. The 489th BG is the first and only B-1B Lancer Air Force Reserve unit.The 489th BG's mission is to forge unrivaled total force warriors, providing full-spectrum expeditionary support and lethal B-1 combat capability, with a vision of executing innovative
  • 489th Bomb Group reactivates after 70 years

    Bail out!  Bail out!  Bail out!   This is what Lieutenant Colonel Leon Vance, a 489th Bombardment Group crewmember, screamed from the cockpit of the B-24 bomber to his crewmembers.  His partially amputated foot had become wedged behind the pilots’ seat when the plane was hit with flak while leading a successful bomb run over Wimereaux, France.  The
  • Wrong number, Major changes

    Sidetracked by a wrong number and subsequent job offer, the lifelong dream of flying the A-10 Thunderbolt is finally back on track for Maj. Maury Kent, 917th Wing Operations Support Flight, wing weapons officer. Maury Kent was actually trying to call the 47th Fighter Squadron at Barksdale Air Force Base, La., looking for a job in 1999, when he got