307th Bomb Wing Officer Earns Rare Spot at SWORD LOOK

  • Published
  • By Senior Master Sgt. Ted Daigle
  • 307th Bomb Wing

One 307th Bomb Wing Airman has earned a coveted spot at an officer leadership course, but hundreds in his unit stand to gain from it.

Capt. Aaron Wolfe, 307th Maintenance Squadron commander, is one of only two Air Force Reserve Command officers slated to attend Sword Look from April 1 -5 at Langley Air Force Base, Virginia.

Sword Look is an Air Combat Command that offers Air Force Captains deep insight into leadership skills, including Human Resources, enlisted development, and effecting culture shifts.

“It’s designed to teach us how to fully invest in our enlisted force,” said Wolfe. “It’s about being the best mentor possible and giving our enlisted all the resources available so they can work at maximum capacity.”

The Human Resource component of the course is one Wolfe knows well. He holds advanced degrees in the field and has years of practical experience as a human resource specialist.  

Still, he is eager to learn everything Sword Look has to offer.

“The way the civilian sector, AFRC, and active-duty approach HR are all different,” said Wolfe. “Getting to learn it from an ACC, active-duty perspectives is a lens I have not been exposed to, and they’ll have methods of getting after human capital management that I may be able to bring back here to help our Airmen.”

Sword Look also emphasizes how to mentor and develop enlisted Airmen. Wolfe, who began his career in the enlisted ranks, hopes learning about HR and enlisted development will help the Airmen under his command.

“With my background in HR, I really view the 330-plus Airmen in the unit as my customers that I’m trying to help,” he said. “So combining HR and enlisted development in this course will provide a new lens to develop my leadership style.”

Wolfe also hopes to use the opportunity to bring something back to his leadership.

“As an Air Force Reserve wing, we don’t always have exposure to direct input from ACC, so I think it will be helpful to learn and bring back their perspective,” he said.  

Sword Look is one of three SWORD courses created by ACC to enhance leadership development. Other courses include Sword Bearer for staff sergeants and tech sergeants with 7 to 12 years of service. Sword Forge is for DoD civilians grade GS-09-12.