Impact of the Potential Government Shutdown on Official Travel

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Travelers should take direction from their commands.

In the event of a United States Government shutdown, the Defense Travel Management Office will be impacted with the exceptions listed below:

  • The Defense Travel System will remain operational. Travel can be booked, modified, and cancelled.
  • The Travel Assistance Center will remain open to support travelers, approvers, or DTAs, although wait times may increase with increased call volume. Users can use TAC Live Chat [PDF, 11 pages] for certain issues or can enter support requests online at TraX.
  • Recruit Assistance will remain operational to support enroute recruits traveling from Military Entrance Processing Stations or their hometowns to their initial basic training centers.
  • DoD-contracted Travel Management Companies (TMCs) will remain open to support DoD traveler needs, although wait times may increase with increased call volume. Some TMCs offer real-time chat for certain tasks.
  • Citibank Government Travel Charge Card customer service will remain open to support cardholders and APCs and their online CitiManager [] will remain available. Travel cards will remain operational to the extent accounts remain in good standing (no delinquent balance owed). In the event of a Government-wide shutdown, Citi will ensure accounts will not age delinquent or be suspended or cancelled. During a shutdown, finance charges will not be assessed; however, Statements of Account will continue to be generated. If an IBA is delinquent prior to the shutdown, it will continue to be considered delinquent until full payment is made. SmartPay FAQs can be found at the