Planners preparing for Resolute Sentinel and Patriot Fury 2023

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Nicole King
  • Air Force Reserve Command

U.S. servicemembers, civilians and military foreign nationals from several South American countries met earlier this month in Tucson, Arizona, to make plans for Resolute Sentinel and Patriot Fury 2023. Next year will mark the first time Air Force Reserve Command’s Patriot Fury exercise, with more than 500 Reserve Citizen Airmen, will be incorporated into Resolute Sentinel.

“We want to prove through execution that AFRC can source, integrate, lead and deploy an agile independent functional combat wing capable of multiple missions,” said Col. Michael Leonas, 442nd Fighter Wing vice commander and designated expeditionary wing commander for Patriot Fury 2023. “We also want to partner with the host nation and other services that are part of Resolute Sentinel, which is a new area of operations for a lot of the Air Force Reserve Command entities, and then showcase some of the Agile Combat Employment concepts that we have within AFRC – both on the aviation component side and on the aeromedical side.”

Traditionally, Patriot Fury has been a stand-alone exercise. For the coming year, active-duty and Reserve Component planners are preparing for Patriot Fury and Resolute Sentinel to be integrated.

“For now, we feel it is about right for us,” said Chris Donovan, the senior exercise planner for Resolute Sentinel 2023. “This is the first year RS is executing per its initial construct.”

The final planning meetings will take place early next year for the mid-2023 exercise.

“I’m really happy at how the individuals who were identified to work this have stepped up, not only for this conference, but for the site surveys,” Leonas said. “I also appreciate how 12th Air Force is setting up the Joint Task Force now, including Reservists, so that we’ll be able to form those teams that are not connected.”

Resolute Sentinel is a 12th Air Force-led U.S. Southern Command field training exercise focusing on combat training and civil-military operations conducted in an austere environment to increase force readiness, improve interoperability, strengthen partnerships, counter malign influences and assure regional partners. It evolved from the longstanding New Horizons and Beyond the Horizons annual joint humanitarian assistance exercises in Latin America and the Caribbean.