Wing Commander update

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  • By 307th Bomb Wing Public Affairs
Col. Steven Kirkpatrick, 307th Bomb Wing commander, issued his fifth update regarding the unit’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic in an email here, April 15.  In it, he outlined alternatives for the May unit training assembly. Below is the full text of the update:

307th Bomb Wing Airmen,

As we continue to perform our mission here at Barksdale, we want to make sure you are informed on the latest COVID 19 information and how it affects you and your Reserve duties. We have decided to postpone the May UTA for both Barksdale and Dyess.  As we stated before, if you have training or work due, we urge you to schedule your May UTA to be performed at home by telework. We need to stay current on OPRs and EPRs, MICT checklist and other items that are reoccurring.  Another alternative is if you need to be excused and have enough points for a good year, feel free to do so. Just as in April, the May UTA can be re-scheduled through your full time ART/AGR leadership at the units and through the CSS staff.

We are not certain as to when we will have our next on station UTA.  Whether it is June or July, we need to make sure we stay mission ready in the current situation.  Many of you already have access through VPN set up or can get online to accomplish necessary training and meet other deadlines. Do so if possible by scheduling 4-hour UTA periods as you are available to accomplish your April and May UTA.  Currently the DoD is working to ensure you get the points needed to have a good year. This is through allowing more than 16 periods per quarter and various other options. More information will come on this topic as we get updates.

We continue to be at HPCON Charlie at Barksdale with a few changes to the day-to-day process. Only persons with official business on Barksdale are allowed to enter the base; on orders, for prescription pickup, etc. If you are working on base, all public locations such as the commissary, BX, visiting other work areas require the wear of a mask.   

Many of you have heard about the Executive Order allowing members of the Selected Reserve to volunteer for duty.  Currently, our medical personnel are stepping up to volunteer.  Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as they step up to lend a hand in these trying times.

This Friday, April 17 at 10:30 a.m., myself and 307 BW Command Chief Safley will hold a live town hall through our Facebook site,  We will take questions from members and encourage you to participate if you are available.  If you have questions you’d like to submit and are not able to attend the town hall, please send them to  I’ll get them answered and posted to our Facebook page. Throughout this dynamic situation we must use every resource possible to stay updated.


Please continue to stay vigilant about protecting you, your family and those around you.  If we are healthy, then we are mission ready.


Steven Kirkpatrick, Col, USAF

307th Bomb Wing Commander