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 Mission Statement

  To forge unrivaled Total Force warriors providing full spectrum expeditionary support and lethal

     B-52 combat capability.

                Citizen Airmen… Deter and Assure


 Vision Statement

 Driven to be the premier Air Force wing ….

      Executing innovative solutions for force development, International Engagement, and combat



 1. Take Care of our Airmen

 2. Efficiently and effectively communicate

 3. Assure relevant and timely training

 4. Establish individual accountability to ensure compliance

Our Mission Description

     The 307th Bomb Wing is a diverse wing, flying and maintaining 20 B-52H Stratofortress aircraft. The 307th Operations Group oversees  three squadrons: the 93rd Bomb Squadron, which operates the B-52 Formal Training Unit and qualifies aircrew to operate the B-52 in active association with the 11th Bomb Squadron, 2nd Operations Group, the 343rd Bomb Squadron, which performs the nuclear enterprise and global strike missions in classic association with the 2nd Operations Group, and the 307th Operations Support Squadron, which provides intelligence, aircrew life support and range operations services to the wing's full range of B-52 missions. The 489th Bomb Group, a geographically separated unit, operates in classic association with the 7th Operations Group at Dyess AFB, flying the B-1 Lancer. In addition, the wing produces sorties for the 340th Weapons Squadron and the 49th Test and Evaluation Squadron to accomplish their missions.